Dropout billionaires and 30 thousand pounds a day

Imagine that the only way to success is to go to college and pursue a mistake is not bad to know this boy student who dropped out of university with intellectual good even in the worst days of 30 thousand pounds of (about tumans 132 million) the was .Elijah young student at the University of Buckingham is studying business management, so he decided to withdraw from the university that the university was able to loan to start his business! The Parsnaz good he thought of little value and could be used as capital to repay their loans and take maximum benefit from it. The young boy with the money bought stock and then buying and selling stocks.According to him, although sometimes the market situation is not favorable at all, but this young brainy worst days at least between 20 and 30 thousand pounds of income the amount he refused to give away most of his daily earnings


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