21-year-old girl who sold his business to $ 100 million

In 2005, 15-year-old Catherine Cook and her brother David, 16 years old, had the idea to start their work. The idea was that people can go through a social network, virtual methods, their real friends. The other objectives of the social network, web entertainment was provided. Like different games, watching TV, etc.

This young girl is now worth $ 100 million students aged 15 and 16 were employed and website launched MyYearbook. 

In a period of 6 years, they have raised $ 17 million. The number of users to 20 million monthly page views of the site from the 1. 2 billion was given. Yesterday, the social network, up to a $ 100 million deal, he joined the company Quepasa.

$ 82 million in equity buyer has paid the money and $ 18 million remaining for cash payment. Geoff Cook, Catherine and David’s older brother MyYearbook CEO, wrote a letter to more than 100 employees of the company and said: “I do not know an exit or an end.

I consider this as the end of the beginning, and I believe that we have to build more innovative products. “However, the younger sibling could do with a few years worth 100 million dollars for himself and now at age 21 can be thought of retirement.

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